prostate massage video

prostate massage video

Are you searching for videos on prostate massage and how to stimulate the male g spot?

There are many porn style videos on anal sex but only a few about prostate massage and not many at all about how to do an prostate massage.

I have been professionally taught anal massage by one of the worlds experts , Chester on this art of erotic pleasure.

Click on the link below and you will find his training video I used to learn this orgasmic massage and a selection of high quality and eductional sexual  videos.

Do you want to

• To expand pleasure, deepen intimacy, and build trust in prostate massage
• To experience deep levels of relaxation before insertion
• How to prepare for an anal g spot massage
• Tried and true techniques including:
• Waking the pelvis
• External butt massage
• Easy penetration
• Prostate and male g spot massage
• Deep Breathing techniques that increase sexual energy and allow prostate orgasms to arise.

Prostate massage videos

One way of exploring your prostate without any finger penetration is to use an aneros sex toy.

The great thing about this toy is it allows prostate stimulation without touching the aneros or moving it at all.

index_progasmice1Once it is inserted the anal muscles move the aneros across your anus. If you are straight, I find I can use this toy when making love with a woman when I am on top.

Prostate orgasms can be very intense and body shaking. I like the training in prostate orgasms here.

Make sure you use lots of lubricant in the anus before using any prostate toy or receive a prostate massage.

These days you can purchase a anal tube applicator to make task this easy.

Combining the fleshlight and the aneros is the most powerful way to have self prostate massage orgasms.

One can purchase both as a pack together here

I have put together a prostate massage video with the aneros below.