I still remember my first male g spot orgasm. I was in the bath and I was massaging my anus. I used some soap and slowly inserted my thumb into my anus.

I found a very sensitive spot that was the male g spot or prostate. I touched this spot with my thumb and I was surprised at how sensitive and erotic the massage was.

I decided to really relax and breath and let the sensations of pleasure increase. I made sounds of pleasrue as I was alone at the time.

ThenĀ  found waves of male g spot orgasms going through my body and I did not ejaculate. This continued for some time. I was shocked that I had been missing out of such pleasure.

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Its a pity a lot of men do not explore this sexy area of their bodies more often. The sensations are deep and l have been told like g spot orgasms for women. A male g spot orgasm is one of my most intense experiences.