male g spot diagramMale G Spot And Male G Spot Diagram

With the help of a male g spot diagram, you can improve your sex life for both you and your partner.

Many men have no idea that they have a male g spot, let alone know how to find it.

The great news is this – the male g spot isn’t nearly as elusive as the female g spot.

So why haven’t more men experienced incredible g spot orgasms?

If you refer to a male g spot diagram, you’ll see that the “g spot” is actually the prostate, so the only way to reach it is anally. Many men are turned off by this prospect initially, but have one g spot orgasm, and I bet you’ll think differently. Both straight and gay men can enjoy anal play alone or with partners.

Male G Spot And Male G Spot Diagram Tip

male g spot  Beginners to prostate massage may prefer to start by playing alone. Keep an open mind and carefully explore your body to find the male g spot.

Every person’s body is different, so it is important to try different positions until you are most comfortable. The easiest position for many men is on you back with your legs elevated and a pillow under your bottom, but find what works for you.

Start slowly. Refer to your male g spot diagram, but remember that you body may vary slightly. For most men, the prostate is found just a few inches in and is size of a chestnut.

You should notice when you feel it! Many men can achieve orgasms just though prostate stimulation, without touching themselves otherwise at all. Some men like gentle massaging, while others like more intense play, just like some women like a soft touch and others like it rougher.

Once you’re found your g spot and feel comfortable, it can be a lot of fun to play with a partner. You can use fingers or toys for play, and along with traditional butt plugs, there are also men’s toys made specifically for prostate stimulation.

When playing anally, some men like to do enemas first, but whether you go to this length or not, make sure that your hands or your partner’s hands are clean with trimmed fingernails.

Have plenty of lube on hand as well, which will make g spot stimulation comfortable. If you’ve never tried lube before, find an unscented version and test it on your arm to ensure that you don’t have an allergies. Show your partner the male g spot diagram and then start exploring both of your bodies together.

If you have an open mind, you’ll be able to work toward a better, more fulfilling sex life.